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Youth Outreach Program

A short poem inspired by our Mission Statement
Bob Praeger

Dueling limericks
Bob Praeger & Bill Lang

A letter to our growing list of friends
Bob Praeger

A True Time-Honored Tradition
Jim Caldwell

The Universal Language Spoken Here – The Covina Concert Band
Jim Caldwell

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The Youth Outreach Program

The Youth Outreach Program of Covina Concert Band extends an invitation to young musicians that are currently attending high school at the sophomore level or higher. While the band does not maintain a separate performance group for youth musicians, we welcome qualified musicians to audition to become a regular member of the Covina Concert Band. This program provides young students a venue to observe and interact with more advanced musicians.  Playing alongside experienced band members provides a growth experience for the younger musicians and a mentoring experience for the regular band members. Also, youth musicians are often featured in solo presentations during one or more of our public performances throughout the year. Please consider visiting us at one of our Monday night rehearsals as we continue to deliver the joy of music.

Please contact us for more information.



A short poem inspired by our Mission Statement:

Instruments Don’t Make Music; People Make Music.
© 1998 Robert C. Praeger


Think of the trombones,
And of saxophones.
With no players to wake them, there’s no music, not even a sound. 
A drum-set with a snare;
Clarinet if you care.
They stay in their black cases, quiet and still, when no one’s around.
Hear no chords from marimba,
Or low tones from a tuba.
With people there’s some action, someone to wield our maestro’s new stick.
Get all that a truck can carry
Every tom, drumstick and bary
It still takes us all who care, to deliver the joy of music.



Dueling limericks

"A Man From Covina" by Bob Praeger

There once was a man from Covina.
His horn had that age-old patina.
He polished it grand,
Then tried for the band,
And now plays in Covina’s arena

"A Man In The Sun" by Bill Lang

There once was a gathering in Covina
To find out what the hell’s a patina.
It led to a bum
Who sat in the sun
Selling polish & rags & a cleana


A letter to our growing list of friends

May 7, 2023

Dear Friends of Covina Concert Band,

                A dirge played by others announced the end of an era!  Due to efforts beyond the band’s control, the historic Covina Concert Band Snack Bar in Covina Park has been closed permanently.  The all-volunteer staff served park event patrons for decades with hot dogs, popcorn and soft-serve ice cream.  All proceeds from sales were cheerfully donated to Covina Concert Band.  Although the financial loss is great, a portion has been replaced with alternative support. 

                Covina Concert Band needs your support more now than ever before. 

                Thank you for your continued interest in the success of Covina Concert Band.  We are proud of our success.  One source of that pride comes from knowing that much of our support comes from patrons who are free to vote with their dollars for any organization they deem worthy.  We believe that we have earned your vote.  Here are some reasons why. 

                Our 67-year history with the City of Covina is one of the band’s greatest assets.  Along with staff support and advice, we are blessed with in-kind contributions.  They have provided staff members and transportation for most of our concerts.  Covina’s Leaders-In-Training youth program has provided volunteer help with our concerts, on and off stage, in Covina Park. 

                Since 1956 Covina Concert Band has continued to provide crowd-pleasing performances at no cost to our audience.  In addition to our summer weekly evening concerts in Covina Park, the band also attracts audiences to many performances at other venues within the local region.  With few exceptions the band performs each first Friday in Covina’s Heritage Plaza Park.  Small ensembles have been created from within the band such as the “CCB Special Service Ensemble” (a mini concert band), “CCB Brass Ensemble”, and “Twist of Orange - the swing band of Covina Concert Band”.  Please visit CovinaConcertBand.org Calendar of Events for dates and times of our performances.  

                To regain access to the band’s vast music library of over 1500 titles to be stored in 12 five-drawer cabinets, the library has been moved to a donated private space including computer access to our detailed music database.  Thanks to our operating policies and patron support, we begin each season with some fresh music.  We will be performing music by Stevie Wonder, Tower of Power, Chicago, and Ray Charles.  The band continues to provide the best in marches, medleys, the big band sound, classical compositions, and music written for band by current composers.  We attract an audience consisting of all age groups, ranging from children to senior citizens.  Our audience is important to us and we welcome suggestions. 

                Our annual July 4 Independence Day “Breakfast with the Band” is scheduled.  Our summer evening concerts in Covina Park, the annual “Christmas Concert”, and Covina Concert Band’s youth outreach program are made possible, in part, by our patron support.  With our youth outreach program, young musicians receive valuable experience with the band to enrich their musical talent, and have the opportunity to perform with the band at our home and away concerts. 

                Our band director, Dan Glass, the only salaried member of the band, begins his fourth year with the band.  Dan provides strong leadership and makes wise decisions.  With Dan’s influence on the business of band building, the band’s roster has grown.  The recent addition of quality musicians and Dan’s conducting skills have encouraged a sound that the legendary Charles King, founder of Covina Concert Band, would recognize.

                The activity of the band is not for profit.  However, contributions to the band do produce profits for you and our community.  There is an enhanced sense of well-being, an increase in music appreciation, which renews vitality.  It can be found that for every dollar invested in the band, as a result, profits are generated within our community.  Your financial support is good for the band, good for the community, and good for you.

                Now is the time when we must reach out to our friends for a helping hand.  With your greatly appreciated support the band can continue to grow and prosper.  Covina Concert Band has been an active 501(c)(3) California non-profit corporation since 1975 and donations are tax deductible.  Please make a donation and become a recognized patron of Covina Concert Band for another exciting season.  Help us grow and continue to deliver the joy of music, the legacy of Charles King.

Sincerely yours,

Robert C. Praeger – Covina Concert Band President

A True Time-Honored Tradition
By Jim Caldwell

        It’s no secret that we Americans over the years have experienced a slow erosion of the time-honored traditions that characterize our community life. The Helms Bakery truck whistles no more; the melodic beckon of the ice cream man is almost a relic of the past, right there with the “milk man”.  Say what???

Traditions are important to our lives…

        It goes on…the disappearance of the door-to-door salesman—Fuller Brush and Watkins haven’t rung the doorbell in 30 years.  Our children are no longer “turned loose”, unencumbered to play away the day, their appearance at the “dinner table” (another fast-fading stalwart) that evening never in question.

        Kids don’t throw newspapers from bikes, “collect” at the door or sell Girl Scout cookies at our front porch.  We have morphed into enclaves of ever-higher fences and cinder-block walls—with garage doors opening just high enough to swallow us whole.

        The Elk, Moose and Lions Clubs are on the Endangered Species List—even bowling night has a couple strikes against it.  Ice cream “socials” and pops concerts are fading into the woodwork.  Folks wonder exactly who it is that lives next door.

But—there IS good news!

        One true time-honored tradition remains among us!  The Concert in the Park thrives right here in our own backyard!  

        Thanks to the wonderful support of the City of Covina, along with the Friends of the Covina Concert Band, this summer offers a chance to plan your escape from housework, yard work, and summer school homework.

And here’s how…

        You’re invited to come on out to Covina Park on a warm, summer evening.  It is there, at the band shell, that you’ll feel the soothing musical strains envelope you as you ‘let go’ and experience the magic.  You’ll be transported to a simpler time—a tranquil place.

Like no other…

        “Wow! That was one of the finest concert bands I have ever heard”, remarked an enthusiastic attendee after vocalist Nannette and the Covina Concert Band completed their compelling and passionate rendition of A Tribute to Judy Garland at the recent Southern California Band Festival in Poway, CA.  Hearing constant accolades from an appreciative audience is nothing new to this very talented group of musicians.

A “Symphonic Powerhouse”, a rich tradition.

        Over the years this small nucleus of good players has grown to a “symphonic powerhouse” of over 60 members.  The talented ensemble consists of college music majors, music teachers and band directors—as well as musicians from all walks of life who come together to combine their love of music with a dedication to performance at a high level. 

        Built on a rich half-century of history and tradition, the Covina Concert Band has achieved a unique sound and a mastery of a diverse musical repertoire, enjoyed by all that experience this unique blend of musicianship.

A treasure in our midst!

        This summer, the CCB will be performing for all of us at the Covina Band shell in Covina Park from 7:30 to 9 every Thursday evening.  You’ll find they’re the sure cure for “iPhone-itis”, “The Maalox Factor”, “24/7 Kid Schedules” and the non-stop “Errand Runaround”.  They’ll provide you that rare chance to decompress, relax and reinvigorate by enriching your stomach as well as your mind – to eat, drink, kickback and hear a big band tune, experience a Latin rumba or an “impossible-to-keep-your-feet-still” Sousa march.  

Park the iPad, placekick the iPhone…and do something unforgettable for and
                           with your family.

        Take our advice—come on out to the band shell, pull up a chair and re-bond with the family.  A novel concept?  Maybe.  But in the process, you’ll have an opportunity to introduce the kids to something called The Great American Songbook, or a Cowboy lament, maybe even a Duke Ellington big band blast or…….just plain enjoy The Sound of Music.

Like the best things in life—it’s free…

        The price is still right—and it’s an experience you and your family will long remember!  The Concert in the Park is one of the few remaining old-time community, musically-enriching traditions.  It’s ‘all things Americana’—and it deserves to be savored, preserved and treasured.  It’ll do wonders for your outlook—we guarantee it. 

The Covina Concert Band – Experience the Joy of Great Music!

Give ‘em a listen—they’ll reward you for it!

Thursdays at 7:30PM.  Covina Park, 310 N. Fourth Avenue, Covina, CA.



The Universal Language Spoken Here – The Covina Concert Band
By Jim Caldwell

Ahh, music…it’s been described as the great elixir for all that ails - the universal language – the ultimate attitude adjuster.  It brings young and old together with a diversity of sounds and styles absolutely unparalleled in this world.  It is one of God’s great gifts to mankind.  It has the power to erase a bad day and wipe a slate clean.  Music can change a life.

To make music – to listen to music – to experience music – is one of the great joys of being, and it needs to be celebrated.  For all the endless deadlines, the mailbox rife with bills, the rocketing gas prices, the nuclear work schedules and the incorrigible boss – music has an answer.  And, there is a group in our midst that has tapped into a veritable fountain of renewal for these maladies, and is serving up huge portions of musical invigoration and restoration to all the lucky ones that have discovered its riches.

The beloved Covina Concert Band – just down the street – is putting together serenity-producing, alpha wave-inducing, consciousness-seducing sounds that are guaranteed to wash away all thoughts to the contrary.  It is The Great Escape, and, if only for a two-hour concert, there is no equal.  In an instant, they can pluck you from the daily doldrums and transport you back to the Old West. They can put you on a dusty stagecoach, envelop you in a blockbuster movie, or drop you right in the middle of a utopian Camelot. They can hover you over John Philip Sousa’s band, put you in a front row seat for Glenn Miller, re-introduce you to The Shadow of Your (own!) Smile, or hand you the clarinet on the way to New Orleans for a little Dixieland Jazz.

They’ll be transporting you to great places like this and more this coming summer, for a cost of exactly – yes, zero.  Not a bad bargain…groups like our very own Covina Concert Band, under the baton of their gifted conductor, are time-honored, uniquely American and precious to our heritage, not to mention our mental well-being.  They are fast disappearing and we are lucky to have one of them in our own back yard.  We desperately need to take advantage of all that they offer.

This summer – stop!!!  Take a few moments to smell the roses and let your mind and soul bask in a little musical healing.  We promise you the Covina Concert Band will send you home with a snap in your step and a song in your head.

So pull up a chair, come on out under the stars this summer and enjoy some great instrumentalists.  Bring the family, have a picnic and make some memories – then close your eyes and let the ensemble transport you to faraway places, and in the process watch yourself restore, regenerate and rejuvenate!

The price is right and you will enrich the lives of you and your family – guaranteed! See you at the bandshell!!  We’ll be looking for you!!
-Jim Caldwell

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